A 1916 historic Odd Fellows building in downtown Minneapolis, Kansas featuring multiple businesses brought to life through the inspiration of building community.

The Purpose

The purpose of The Farm & The Odd Fellows is to provide unique environments that plant and cultivate relationships.

The Vision

Where art meets function.
Where study meets sport.
Where diversity meets harmony.
Where science meets spirit.
Where history meets vision.

The Mission

The Farm blends people and nature so that service gives purpose. Our producers AND our consumers should enjoy the experience!

The Bean

A coffee cafe that supports employing local youth to become aspiring entrepreneurs that are able to form exceptional relationships and create memorable experiences. Whether you chose our fresh pastries, sandwiches, smoothies or squeezes, we hope you’ll enjoy it in a connection with one of our own or another friend. It has developed through friendships and local talented bakers.

The Pickle

A unique space for groups to gather to participate in an activity of their own liking. The pickle ball sport as the feature only to bring a common ground to both the young and the old, the athletes and the artists. The possibilities are endless though!

205 West 2nd Street, PO Box 197
Minneapolis, Kansas 67467